Cloud Server Hosting Services

Cloud Server Hosting Services

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System can be used anywhere.

It provides users with the flexibility of having their database cloud hosted. Freeing users from the need to be desk bound. Your Accounting data is hosted on a secure enterprise class private cloud server – Microsoft Azure to ensure 98.99% system availability to uses.

It helps keep the cost down for your company and you can access your Accounting Software from any computer (Window10 & above) and still have the accounting data file you need. You can also print any documents such as invoices, Cheques, purchase orders, reports, etc to your local print via Accounting Cloud Server.

All you need is a broadband internet connection to log in and start using your OCi Accounting System from your personal computer and laptops.

OCi System Hosting Plan key benefits include:
a. Priority Technical Support Assistance – via email & remote online - Subscribers can access the technical support assistance anytime between 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday (except Public Holiday). Response within 1-3 working days.
b. System Updates - Subscribers automatically entitled to any system patches available during the period without any charges.
c. Cloud Hosting - Provide and maintain customer system database. Provides high-availability, Redundancy, Daily backup, Physical security of server, Access system from different locations through internet access
d. Unlimited access to support knowledge base - Subscribers able to view system tutorials.
e. Subscribers entitled Remote installation for Client.
f. Subscribers entitled to Remote Coaching session

Common FAQ:
Q: What software is running in my Cloud Server?
Microsoft AZURE SQL Server.

Q: Where are your servers located?
To provide you with the fastest access time, reliability and disaster recovery all of our servers are housed at a data centre in Singapore.

Q: Is my database backed up regularly?
Yes, daily backup. On 7 days round robin basis.

Q: Is there any time limitations to access our database at your Cloud Server?
No. It is up and online around the clock as 24/7 basis except pre-announced necessary planned maintenance of cloud server which will happen also very rare at off peak hours.

Q: Can I print/ export documents such as invoices, cheque, excel, etc to my local printer?
Yes. You can print any documents to your local printer via our OCi Accounting Software.

Q: How safe are our servers?
Our servers are hosted in a data centre that provides physical protection for the servers. Encrypted Database Security and we have a monitoring system in place to inform us of server issues. An automated backup system that maintain backup of user data. We also maintain a redundant server that will minimize down times.

Q: How do I get my backups?
As a hosted service, we maintain the database for you. It is not necessary for you to hold a backup, due to the fact that in order for you to use the backup you would need to install a SQL server. This being said, backup are available for a nominal fee.

Q: What’s the considering factor for the hosting plan package?
Proposed Maintenance Hosting Plan considering factor of number of active user access, database size, transaction volume and frequency of report generation. Hosting plan have the flexible upgrade plan when your company grow. We have Starter Plan - 2GB (5DTUs) , Basic Plan - 50GB (10 DTUs), Enterprise Plan - 150GB  (20 DTUs) and Ultimate Plan - 250GB  (50 DTUs).

Q: For Database Cloud Hosting plan. What’s does GB mean? And DTUs mean?
GB mean data storage. DTUs mean amounts of resources that you have access and also include speed of access.

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