Date range in Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and P&L

Date range in Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and P&L

When generating reports in the system the date range filters affect the values you generate.

Our system has the following range filters.

Balance:  Include all entries till today's date.
If today's date is in 2019. when i select balance filter it will include 2017,2018,2019 entries.

As At : Include all entries up to the specified date.
If the Till date is set to 31 Dec 2018, the As At filter will include all dates up to 2018.

Period: Include only entries that fall within the specified date range.
If the From date is 01-Jan-2018 and Till date is 31-Dec-2018, then the period filter will only include 2018 period.

When generating Trial Balance,
you have to consider that the date filter you select affects the values.
eg. if i generate a Trial Balance using a 'As At' date filter.
this will include all values till the date specified.

this will have an impact on 'P&L' accounts, as this report will include earlier periods.
If you have done year end closing for each of your earlier periods, then the earlier periods P&L values would have been moved to the retained earnings account.
The Trial Balance will match up with P&L report (P&L report is created using a period date filter).
If no year end closing was done, then the earlier periods values would be still be in the P&L accounts and hence included when you generate the report using the 'As At' date filter.

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