Entering Company Information

Entering Company Information

1.3.1 Entering Company Information







Setup Activity>


     Click SETUP activity


     Click COMPANY module

     Click EDIT

This is to edit the company information









You may enter your company details here



This is the base currency that the accounting General Ledger is work on.


Unless you have special approval from the authority, it should be in Singapore Dollars


     OPENING ADJUSTMENT            CLI6000 Opening Adjustment is the default current liability                 ACCOUNT                                    account.

                                                                                The system will adjust and post any unbalanced opening
                                                                                entries to this account.

                                                                   Unless necessary, you do not need to change this default                                                                                      accountNote that the only possibility for you to make an                                                                                        unbalanced entry is during your opening balance entry.



EXP1200 Exchange (Gain)/Loss is the default expense account.


For users that have multi-currency transactions, the system will automatically calculate the difference in exchange values of the transaction and adjust it to this account.


Unless necessary, you do not need to change this default account.



Finalising is set when you are doing your financial year

end closing. This setting is required as it is linked to Year

End Closing Module.

Close is set when you have completed closing your

financial year.


Note that you can re-open a closed Financial Period to re- work on it.


     Click SAVE

     Close the module

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