GST API Training

GST API Training

GST API Training Slides.

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    • GST API Role requirements.

      To use GST API the user will need the 'F5SUBMIT' role.  The role is needed to have the option to submit the F5 information to IRAS. Maintenance -> Access Control -> User (Cross Company)
    • GST API Frequently Asked Questions.

      With regard to the SingPass session, will the system accept chunks of data which are sent over different SingPass sessions (e.g. timeout) The SingPass token is validated at the start of the transmission.    Should the token expire during the ...
    • Accounting GST Training Guide

      Training PDF can be downloaded from 'Attachment' section below.
    • GST Optimizations

      In order to improve GST performance we have made changes to the GST workflow. Key Changes Once locked, the GST period cannot be unlocked.There are no more commit/uncommit buttons. Transactions that are created with a post date in a GST locked period, ...
    • GST available dates.

      For SAM system, We have improved on the GST portion of the system. The date range available for report generation depends on the last lock period. base on the last lock period you can generate reports 5 years into the past and 1 year into the future. ...