GST available dates.

GST available dates.

For SAM system,
We have improved on the GST portion of the system.

The date range available for report generation depends on the last lock period.

base on the last lock period you can generate reports 5 years into the past and 1 year into the future.

eg if the last lock period is 2020, you will have the option generate reports up to 2021.
and as far back as 2015

If your last lock period a few years from the present you will need to do the following.
  1. ensure that there are no outstanding changes for the previous periods.
  2. lock the period to the last day before the next submission.
    eg.If you are doing Jan 2020 GST, you will lock till 31 dec 2019.
    you can lock across multiple years.
    eg.  If your last lock date is 2018, and you are doing Jan 2020 GST, you can lock the period from 2018 till 31 dec 2019.
To lock the period set the date range.
then click on 'post' button. if 'post' button not visible you will need the GSTADMIN role. 

After Clicking 'Post' button, you will need to close and open the GST module for the changes to affect the date ranges.

Note. As your lock period is not current, this means that the records on the system may not match what you have submitted to IRAS. 
you will need to use your external records should you need to generate reports for those periods.

the system will put '01/01/1900' as your last lock date when there was no lock period.
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