GST Optimizations

GST Optimizations

In order to improve GST performance we have made changes to the GST workflow.

Key Changes
  1. Once locked, the GST period cannot be unlocked.There are no more commit/uncommit buttons.
  2. Transactions that are created with a post date in a GST locked period, will be posted in the next GST period.
  3. Transaction that are edited in a GST locked period will have the differences posted in the next GST period.
  4. All reports can be generated regardless of GST lock status. You can generate F5 reports even if the the period is not locked.
  5. Reports will be generated based on selected period. This means you can generate reports cross multiple periods and even between locked and unlocked periods.
    1. Reports can only be generated 5 year prior to last lock period and 2 years into the future. 

As the GST Lock period cannot be undone, a new access control role has been created

'GST Admin'

Only users with this role can lock the period. 

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