How can I use Document Attachment? - Attach, View, Download & Delete

How can I use Document Attachment? - Attach, View, Download & Delete How can I use Document Attachment? - Attach, View, Download & Delete

Attaching of documents or pictures can be found in all modules




Purchase> Payment

Click PURCHASE activity

Click PAYMENT module

Select any document

Click EDIT


Attachment for files to document is meant for future reference purpose.

Physical files are streamed into the database. In another words, when you backup your database, attachments are also included.

Attachments will not be display in any of the printout.

Attaching:                                                You can attach any file or files to this

ATTACHMENTS box Right-Click            document. In this example, a scanned                                                                                                copy of a receipt is attached.

Browse to location of the file you           This will be useful for future reference or 

      would like attached                              audit

Click OPEN



Move mouse to attached files

Click on the file


The system will allow viewing of the attached file if you have the necessary supporting application.

Meaning, if you have attached an Excel file,

you are not to view it unless you have an Excel


Downloading:                                         You may download attachment from the server

Move mouse to attached files           to your drive.

Click on the file


Select SAVE AS…


Move mouse to attached files

Click on the file



This will permanently delete the file from your server database.

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