How do I reflect the deposit in Customer Invoice (Alternative method)?

How do I reflect the deposit in Customer Invoice (Alternative method)?

Note: The following method is not recommended and is only shown as an alternative.

Step 1.
create a Chart of account to hold the deposit value.

Click SETUP Activity 
Click ACCOUNTS menu.
Click NEW button.

See details above
CATEGORY select Current Liabilities
Click ADD button.
Close module

Step 2.
Create the entry for receiving the payment.

First you need to create a Receipt for your Customer.
Click SALES Activity 
Click RECEIPT menu.
Click NEW button.

Select Payer Type as Non-Trade.
Type the Customer Name on the Payer Text Box.
Select the Bank you want to deposit.
Enter Received amount as 300.
Under Item Details Select Account ‘CLI????’ – Deposit.
Key in the Amount as 300.
Click ADD button.
Close module.
Refer to the above Screen. You can add your own Reference if anything required.

Step 3.
create a 'Deposit' Item

First you need to create an Item Group.
Click SETUP Activity. 
Click Item Details Menu.
Click NEW button.

Select the Service Group.
Type the Account Code and the Name.
Tick the Priority (Overwrite Business Partner Group A/C).
Select the ‘CLI????’ – Deposit at Invoice Credit A/C drop down.
Under Item Details Select Account ‘CLI????’ – Deposit.
Click ADD button.
Close Module.
Here we set the Item group to post to Deposit Account at sales invoice.

Step 3a

Next we create an Item under the above Item Group.
Click SETUP Activity. 
Item Details Menu.
Click ITEM Module.
Click NEW button.

On the Group select Deposit Group as above shown.
On description type Deposit paid.
Click ADD button.
Close Module.
Refer to the above Screen.

Step 4.
creating the invoice.

Next we create our Invoice with a Customer deposit.
Click SALES Activity 
Click INVOICE Module.
Click NEW button.
Add all the items belong to this invoice first.
Next we can add Service Group Item just we created above to the Invoice.

Enter appropriate amount as we see from the above screen.
Click ADD button.
Close Module.
Refer to the above Screen.

Step 5
Review the GL entries created

Now we can check the GL posting from Invoice Module by selecting the Invoice just we created from Invoice List.

Click SALES Activity 
Click INVOICE Module.
Click EDIT
Click on the GL button
Now we can verify the GL postings.
Verify all the posting is correct as the above screen shot.
You can also Un-Tick the Show Detail Description to see only the Important Postings.
Click REFRESH button to verify again.
Close Module.
Refer to the above Screen.

Step 6.
Review deposit COA.

Now we can verify the customer deposit has been correctly balanced by referring to GL Report.

Click REPORT Activity 
Click FINANCIAL menu.
Click GL button.
Select Current Month.
Select ‘CLI????’ – Deposit at Account.
Click Refresh Button.

By this Report we can notice that our receipt for 300 has balanced the Invoice we create, check that the balance is zero.
Close Module.
After completing these steps, you should not have any value in the deposit account.

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