Opening for bank

Opening for bank

Let's assume
From Bank Statement :
Bank balance as at 31 Dec 2015 is 10,000 
System balance as at 31 Dec 2015 is 9,900

Important to note the difference. Bank balance is the balance from the bank. system balance is the figure from the system.

Openings date 31 Dec 2015.
Go Live date from 01 Jan 2016 onwards

This guide will run through some sample entries.

Sample Opening Bank Balance from bank statement

Unpresented documents will be created 1 document per unpresented.

Sample unpresented GIRO

Sample unpresented Payment

Sample unpresented Receipt.

Checking System Balance as at 31 Dec 2015

After entering bank balance and unpresented documents.
the bank value should match your system bank balance. Bank balance + unpresented = System Balance.
there are 3 unpresented transaction. each have their own document.

you can use the Bank Balance module to view the balance. (remember to select the correct date range.)

Bank Recon

For the first bank recon most of the box will be zero.

bank statement 11,400
we enter 11400 into box 5

next we click on the entries that have been presented.
the Difference should be zero. if it does not match,it will be in red and this means that there are transactions that have not been entered.

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