PEPPOL Sending Invoice to Singapore Government Agencies (AGD)

PEPPOL Sending Invoice to Singapore Government Agencies (AGD)

When sending invoices to Singapore government agencies via PEPPOL, the Accountant-General’s Department (AGD) will be the end point.

Please read the following link.
Direct Guide link

If the guide cannot load,
You can view the guide under the topic 'E-invoice Submission via InvoiceNow Guide'

AGD's PEPPOL id is specified in their user guide from the links above.

You are advise to review the guide provide by AGD.

Require setup.
Email address ( Pg 6 on the Guide-E-invoice_Submission_via_PEPPOL_Network.pdf).
you will need to enter the email address that is registered with Vendor@Gov

Attention to ( Pg 5 on the Guide-E-invoice_Submission_via_PEPPOL_Network.pdf).
you'll need to update the Attn field in the BP with the attention to field.

There is a difference in how AGD deals with Pay Terms.
 ( Pg 18 on the Guide-E-invoice_Submission_via_PEPPOL_Network.pdf screenshot attached below)
Create a new Terms or edit the existing for AGD
Setup -> Customer/Vendor -> Payment Terms
change the name field

Use the Payment Terms column value.

Invoicing to AGD requires specific information.
on the edit screen of the invoice click on 'Properties' tab.
there will be a PEPPOL section. you will need to fill in your required information.
*Invoices that are filled in wrong will be reject by AGD (not by PEPPOL network). 
Please refer to the user guide from AGD as their required fields or information may change.

Both Buyer Reference and Note are required fields 
The requirement for the other fields are dependent. Please review the AGD guide.

the link below is for the  'Buyer Reference' provided by AGD

'Note' field is for the Invoice Description ( Pg 7 on the Guide-E-invoice_Submission_via_PEPPOL_Network.pdf )

'Order Reference' field is Invoicing Instruction ID/Purchase Order ID ( Pg 6 on the Guide-E-invoice_Submission_via_PEPPOL_Network.pdf)

'Billing Reference' field is Related Invoice ID ( Pg 7 on the Guide-E-invoice_Submission_via_PEPPOL_Network.pdf)

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