OCI SAM ON-PREMISE Client installation

OCI SAM ON-PREMISE Client installation

OCI SAM ON-PREMISE Client installation

Step 1 User left click on Installation File


Step 2 User left click Next


Step 3: User left click on Next 


Step 4: User left click on Next


Step 5: User left click on Close 


Step 6 User left double click on "OCi SAM System “ Icon


Step 7: Wait for application to start


Step 8: User left click on SQL Server dropdown


Step 9: User left click on  your SQL Server


Step 10: Default Username is “ocac” Password “ocac” Or Alternative Username is “occw” Password “occw”  


Step 11: Enter Username and Password


Step 12: Click dropdown database 


Step 13: Select database


Step 14: User left click on "Save”


Step 15:  Login Page