What to expect during a webinar

What to expect during a webinar

In order to have a pleasant experience here are a few thing to expect.
  1. Please connect a few minutes earlier.  this is to facilitate any connectivity issue you may have.
    once connected you can mute video and mic. and come back to your PC when the class is about to start.
  2. if you have issues on the day. you can use your mobile device as a backup. 
    you can use the links above to get to IOS or Android links.
  3. When the lesson begins the instructor will mute all the users. If you need to ask a question please use the chat or the 'Raise Hand' icon.
    please understand if the instructor does not see your message straight away. 
  4. There will be a Question and Answer session so you will have an opportunity to ask your question. 
  5. Due to low bandwidth, some audio may get cut off. Please understand if the instructor asks you to repeat the question a few times.
  6. Due to low bandwidth, some of the screens may look blurry during the presentation. this is due to your internet connection and we will not be able to do anything about it.

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