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Notification of End Of Life (EOL) for Accounting Version 10 (AC10)

When was AC10 first launched?

AC10 was launched in the year 2010, and yes it has been operational for over 10 Years!

What is EOL?

EOL stands for End of Life for the particular software version.

This means that all Product development has ceased and supporting infrastructure will be repurposed.

What is the impact of AC10 EOL on me?

  • No further development/bug fixes/patches. This means that no further rectification or coding work will be done for any reported bugs or issues.

  • No further changes to licences. We will have no resources to handle any administrative changes relating to software licences.

  • No changing of PC. Any switching of PC, etc cannot be addressed

  • No technical/user support. There will be no personal allocated to attend or address any form of support for AC10.

If you have already upgraded please ignore this.

If you wish to upgrade to our new version please contact cs@ocisg.com

Thank you for your support.

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