OCi Sales & Accounting Management (SAM) Manual Upgrade Process

OCi Sales & Accounting Management (SAM) Manual Upgrade Process

For manual on-premises installation only.
this guide is only for upgrading existing installation. 
All client PC should have the same version before connecting to the database.
If installing on a new PC which the system was not installed on please refer to the guide below.

Client side installation.
By default the system will automatically download OCACUpdater and OCAC zip files and unzip them.
When the system is unable to download (connect directly to the internet), you will need to manually download the file and place them in the folder directly.
the following guide provides you the folder location to place the files.

Please read and follow the steps. 

Attachment updated: 2 Nov 2023
The versions will be indicated below and the article will use generic names.
this is to help ensure that you are using the correct versions.
the version numbers will match the downloaded file.
Previous file is provided for rollback purposes.
Current OCAC :
Previous OCAC :

step 1.
download OCAC.zip
this file needs to be unzip into the following location.
there is no need to run anything, ensure the contents are unzipped into the folder.
if 'bin' folder does not exist create the folder.

paste folder location into windows explorer.
if windows prompts choose to overwrite existing files.

Unzip OCAC.zip contents into bin folder.